About eCademy Charter

Mission Statement

Our mission at eCademy Charter, an engaging, student-centered educational setting, is to instill in our students a strong academic foundation in a safe environment by forming positive relationships among students, staff, family, and the community; incorporating technology-assisted curriculum for our individual students; inspiring each student to become self-motivated, self-confident, independent learners, and encouraging them to maximize their full potential in our ever-changing global society.


  • All students will incorporate technology, individually and collaboratively, to achieve their academic goals.
  • Each student will set and achieve personal and academic goals.
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to be socially responsible and self-motivated citizens in our community.



We will:

  1. Provide access to materials and assignments that are technology-infused to better prepare students for post-secondary opportunities.
  2. Advise and support students in setting and achieving their personal and academic goals.
  3. Maintain a positive and inclusive environment that fosters personal responsibility and encourages positive character traits.
  4. Educate the community about opportunities offered by eCademy Charter.

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