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Alternative education is an opportunity for students to continue their education in a setting outside of the regular full day schedule. Thus, eCademy Charter offers distinct program options for the elementary and secondary level students to accommodate alternative educational needs.  The K-6 program is a Home-School model based at Brown Elementary School and our 7-12 programs offer a variety of choices for students. Options for the secondary students include seat-time courses, online courses, traditional independent study courses and concurrent enrollment courses with comprehensive sites.


Our campus provides a small school environment with a dedicated and caring staff of 7 certificated, 3 classified and 1 administrator.  Our goal is for students to “experience an equitable education” they rightfully deserve.  We will prepare students to return to comprehensive school sites in good status if the student chooses to return, or we will instruct students as long as they wish to stay on our campus. We offer many core courses in the seat-time model as one of the options to provide teacher instruction, support, and assistance in order to achieve student success.  Regardless of which course option a student may choose, we will continue to prepare students for college and career readiness.