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Edgenuity/Online Learning

2017-2018 Course Offerings

Language Arts

English Language Arts 6

English Language Arts 7

English Language Arts 8

*English Language Arts 9

*English Language Arts 10

*English Language Arts 11

*English Language Arts 12



Math 6

Math 7

Math 8


*Algebra I


*Algebra II

*Mathematics I

*Mathematics II

*Mathematics III



Earth Science 6

Life Science 7

Physical Science 8

Earth Science/Physical Science




Social Studies

MS W History/Med & Mod 7

MS US History 8

*Modern World History

*US History

*US Government



General Electives

Intro to Art

Health & Physical Education: Healthy Living

Health & Physical Education: Lifetime Fitness



Strategies for Academic Success

Career Planning & Development

Online Learning & Digital Citizenship

*Spanish I

*Spanish II


Career Pathways

*Introduction to Business

*Personal Finance

Microsoft Office Specialist + (Certificate)


Computer Science

Computer Applications: Office 2010


*College Prep Classes (A-G Courses)

We offer all of our classes for distance learning through Edgenuity.  Students may take one or all of their classes online. This is an exciting way for students who are distant from our physical campus or have busy schedules to still receive a quality instructional program that fits into their lifestyle.